beagle club of canada

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Beagles are a great little hound, very happy and outgoing, totally in love with their families..BUT they are NOT for everyone..

Here are a few things that you need to know if you are considering adding a beagle to your family.


Beagles come in 2 recognized sizes.  Up to but not exceeding 13" and over 13" not exceeding 15"

These two varieties can be in the same litter

For conformation show purposes in Canada, both sizes are shown together.  In the USA they are shown as 2 seperate varieties.

Field trials in Canada divide then by size varieties.

There are no such thing as a "Pocket beagle" fact the term pocket beagle or Mini Beagle has become a derogatory term often associated with dogs intentionally bred to be very small in size and of very poor quality.

(pictured left, littermates Am Can GCh TraJam The Tourist 15" and Ch TraJam Something Borrowed 12")


Exercise is required with this breed as they have a moderately high energy level.

WITH PROPER TRAINING some beagles can be exercised off leash.

Having the natural instinct to put their nose to the ground and follow a scent (they are scenthounds after all), it is easy for a Beagle to follow its nose until it is lost.

It  is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to keep your Beagle on a leash when out for walks.

A fenced yard is MANDATORY from MOST breeders.

Pictured right, GCH Lexmark Summertime Blues